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    Cleaning Sector doing its bit for the Environmental Agenda

    Back in 2004, a plan was formed between the CSSA and White Young Green (WYG) to embed environmental management into the cleaning sector. The best way envisioned to do this was to utilise existing standards in the market place, such as ISO 14001, EMAS and BS 8555/Acorn, and to build a cleaning sector-specific support package around them. Nice idea but at the time there was no funding available for the project.

    Then, in early 2006, WYG obtained Defra funding for a multi-sector project, and invited the CSSA in as a key partner. An initial one year pilot project was launched in April 2006, followed by a roll out year from April 2007. The project’s first year aim was to develop and test an environmental management support package for cleaning and support services providers, basing it around the popular BS 8555/Acorn approach, which offers a phased approach to environmental management. Nine cleaning companies participated in the pilot project as follows:

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