Benefits of Membership

The Association offers its members a wide range of benefits and expert services, including:

  • increased credibility, resulting from customers' recognition that an Association member can be relied on to operate to the highest ethical and professional standard;
  • the ability to draw on a range of centralised services, including the latest information on legislation, industrial relations, and employment law - plus free legal advice, by telephone or any business or domestic problem;
  • extensive training services, conferences and consultancy support for members' marketing activities, including use of the CSSA logo, to provide endorsement of a company's quality of service and administration; and

powerful representation of industry views - not only to Government within the UK, but also to the European Community, via direct CSSA lobbying and through membership of key trade bodies like the CBI and European Federation of Cleaning Industries.

But the benefits of belonging to the CSSA do not stop at the immediate services it offers its members. The Association is also leading the way in terms of sector training. Through its association with the Government recognised Sector Skills Council - Asset Skills - the CSSA has a responsibility to help its members:

receive up to date and relevant information on training matters, tapping into an invaluable source of advice and guidance on training solutions to business problems;

access training courses, publications, consultancy and conferences;

benefit from sector funding for training, which individual companies would find difficult to obtain; and

share ideas, concerns and good practice.

In return, members who take up these opportunities can expect to see:

a reduction in time losses resulting from absenteeism, and staff turnover;

improved quality and competitiveness resulting from more competent staff; and

cost reduction and higher profitability.

For companies in the CSSA, this adds up to a major opportunity to improve their expertise through effective training and relevant qualifications. While for the customer, this means an even better and more efficient service.

Market Scanning

The CSSA is constantly reviewing the market place to identify and highlight new customer needs, new business opportunities and training requirements for its members.

Changes in technology, the economy or legislation can all have a major impact on existing activities as well as opening doors for future business development. Through both its nationwide and international links, the CSSA is able to identify and pass on to its members the latest market trends and technological innovations.