What membership means.....

The CSSA logo is a badge of quality. It is instant reassurance to potential customers that they can work with you and be confident knowing that membership means you follow guidelines and standards set out in the Association’s Code of Practice.


Who are we?....

The CSSA is the trade association for the UK cleaning and support services sector. Working with our members we help the industry grow and earn the respect it deserves through lobbying government in Westminster and Brussels. We offer up to the minute advice, a stimulating programme of events and the reassurance that someone is working on your behalf to get things done. CSSA members employ around 275,000 people, over half of the total industry workforce and account for some 70% of UK contract cleaning turnover. Member companies range in size from small businesses to major global companies. We were established in 1967 and over the years have built an unrivalled reputation as the trusted association for the cleaning and support service industries, taking their message to the wider audience.


What do we give you.....

The CSSA works in a numerous ways to support you in your business: –


CSSA Fleet - from one vehicle to multi vehicle fleets savings of up to 38% can be achieved through our buying power.



Total Fuel Cards - discounted fuel, online account management and easy management of CO2 emissions free of charge.


Trade Deals – Through our unique partnership with Diversey, as a CSSA member you can now benefit from a great deal on a core range of chemicals, machines and cleaning tools.


Expert Insurance Advice - Since its formation Darwin Clayton (UK) Ltd has worked closely with the CSSA to create an insurance facility specifically designed to meet the insurance needs of the Cleaning and Support Services Industry. This unique insight has enabled them to continually develop the insurance package to meet with the Industry’s real requirements.



Business Support Helpline – An invaluable alternative to undertaking your own lengthy research or incurring expensive legal fees on Employment, Health and Safety, Tax and many more issues


Information - Up to the minute news and relevant information distributed to you through the CSSA Supporter newsletter, the CSSA website and e-communications.


Sustainable development - Funding for sustainable development from the EU can put your business at the forefront of the sustainability revolution. Discounted access to the British Quality Foundation’s Levels of Excellence Programme will keep you there.


Corporate Finance - Corporate finance in the cleaning and support services sector. Please see attachment below, which is a presentation given by Corbet Keeling (Associate Member) at a CSSA Networking Evening - November 2011.

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