How to Clean an IRobot Roomba

Having an iRobot Roomba clean your house for you is the height of convenience.

There’s a great degree of comfort in knowing that you no longer have to endure the strain of having to be standing the entire time while vacuuming your house. However, despite its many benefits, one must learn how to best clean an iRobot Roomba in order for it to not only work efficiently but also resist wear and tear as long as possible.

Learning how to properly clean an iRobot Roomba involves knowing how best to clean the brushes, the wheel, and the filter, which is essential for adequate maintenance of an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner.

An iRobot Roomba that has been used for a long while without being cleaned usually has an accumulation of debris that may include dust, fur, and hair all of which erode its efficiency. This build-up also has the negative effect of putting a toll on the battery which has to provide more power than usual to perform the same amount of work.

It is recommended that cleaning of the machine is done after every cleaning session so that it always performs as efficiently as possible. This, therefore, means knowing how to clean an iRobot Roomba isn’t enough. One should also be able to make the effort to clean it whenever possible.
Cleaning the filters can be done in a number of ways. One could very simply lightly tap the two of them on a hard surface to remove the dust and debris. If this doesn’t clean the filters as well as you’d like, it is recommended that you use compressed air to blow out all the tiny particles that still stick to the filters for more thorough cleanup. If however, you want the filters to be spotless, you might as well go ahead and clean them with water. You should, however, be careful not to put them back in before they’ve completely dried, otherwise, you risk damaging the machine’s inner components.

To access the brushes turn Roomba upside down. Then hold the two yellow tabs and push them down before lifting them to open the cover of the brushes. Now take a thin object and use it to remove any hair or fur that is caught in between the brushes. If using a pair of scissors, care should be taken not to damage the brushes. Clean both ends of the brush.

To clean the wheels start by first removing the swivel wheel located in front of the Roomba. Once the wheel is off, remove the swivel mechanism and then clean any dust and debris that might have accumulated up there. Be careful not to damage the sensor located there. The next step is to remove the axle from the wheel and clean it. Having done that, the cleaning process will be complete. Cleaning the wheels of an iRobot Roomba might take some practice, especially in removing the wheels and swivel mechanism, but the benefits are worth the effort.