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New Site


Senior managers and decision-makers in 80% of Cleaning and Support Services companies now have access to a new online initiative which includes the following resources:

InfoCentre  A fully searchable online database of industry news and analysis, legislative and Health & Safety updates and a host of other information. In short, a single source for the most up to date industry information.

The Forum  A series of online bulletin boards where members can post questions, requests for information or simply spark a debate across a broad range of subject areas. In short, a unique peer to peer community for industry decision makers.

CourseFinder   A fully searchable database of training and management courses from a range of providers aimed specifically at the Cleaning and Support Services industries. In short, a one stop shop for all your training needs.

TenderCentral  A database, into which both public and private sector organisations can enter details of their forthcoming cleaning tender requirements. Members have exclusive, searchable, access to the database to identify tenders on which they wish to bid. In short, itís how you get on that list.

LeadGenerator  A database for Cleaning and Support Services clients to search for members with matching profiles to bid on their contracts. Alternatively they can send their details to all qualifying members. In short, itís sales leads without picking up the phone.

Newsletter   A regular email newsletter that distils the most important news and analysis from the Cleaning and Support Services industries and keeps members up to date with legislative and regulatory updates. In short, itís how you stay in touch.

Showcase   A place for suppliers to the industry to showcase their products or services to members. Unique mini web sites provide the busy decision maker with up to the minute information on the latest developments, all from a single place. In short, itís a shopping mall for the Cleaning industry.

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