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Code of Practice

Membership of the Cleaning and Support Services Association is not an automatic process and all members are required to strictly adhere to the following guidelines in ethical, professional, commercial and operational conduct and practice

  1. Standards and Accountability CSSA members will ensure that all work is completed to a high standard by well trained staff.  Equally, they will be responsible for the conduct and acts of their staff in all matters which occur on their clients' premises in the performance of a contract.
  2. Health and Safety  Members can provide their clients, by agreement,  with a Health and Safety Statement, clearly explaining company policy and covering all relevant statutory requirements.  Members will similarly ensure that their employees are made aware of all relevant health and safety regulations.
  3. Insurance Cover  Members will always be adequately insured, including Employer's Liability and Products' Liability Insurance.  Association members must have the following minimum limits of indemnity:
    1. Employers liability £10,000,000 in respect of any one occurrence and must also comply with the current Employers´ Liability legislation.
    2. Public liability £2,000,000 any one occurrence.
    3. Products´ liability £2,000,000 any one occurrence and in any one year.
  4. Employment Practices CSSA members will abide by all current employment and industrial relations legislation, with the Association undertaking to update members regularly on all matters relating to current employment practice. Members´ employees will also have the right to belong to a trades union or other professional representative body.
  5. Quality of Materials and Machinery Members will, at all times, employ good quality materials and, where machinery is used, ensure that it is properly maintained.
  6. Quotations to Clients  Members will supply free quotations (unless specifically agreed otherwise) to clients, without obligation on their part.  They will include all resources decreed necessary by the contractor to carry out the service in compliance with contract specifications
  7. Fair Competition Members will engage in free and fair competition when tendering for contracts and not involve themselves in any form of price fixing or collusion.
  8. Clients' Personnel Members of the CSSA will not engage any member of a client's staff without that client's prior approval.  In the event of a contract being terminated, this undertaking will last for three months from the date of termination
  9. References Members will use their best endeavours to ensure that all personnel they employ will have supplied satisfactory references before being engaged
  10. Termination of Agreements Members will ensure clearly defined and agreed conditions relating to the termination of any agreements with their customers.
  11. Arbitration All CSSA members will agree to arbitration (provided free by the Association),), if so required by the client, in the event of a dispute between the client and an Association member.
  12. Conduct of Association Members members of the Association who bring the Association into disrepute, will be subject to disciplinary action.

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