One Year with iRobot Roomba Pet: Conclusions and Hints

I happened to become a proud owner of iRobot Roomba 564 Pet about a year ago. Since then it has been remaining on combat duty, guarding our four-room apartment 4 times a week (at least). I hope that this topic will help you choose the best robotic vacuum cleaner for your house, and I will do my best to reveal all the hidden pitfalls of Roombas for you.

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The Huge Roomba 880 Review

We got our hands on another automated housecleaner to carry out appropriate tests. The manufacturer of the device states that this novelty incorporates cutting-edge technologies that improve the quality of cleaning, numerous sensors for appropriate navigation around the rooms being cleaned, a sensor for detection of especially dirty areas of the floor, and even a system against device entanglement in wires.

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