About CSSA

The CSSA is far more than just a trade association - it is the customers' guide to quality and reliability in the UK cleaning and support services market. Its dedication to training, marketing and the representation of its members' interests has already made it one of the most respected trade organisations in the country.

Many companies would like to contract out their support services, but are unsure of how to go about it. Look out for the CSSA logo on a contractor's letterhead and business correspondence. It is your warranty that a contractor is ethical, professional and provides good value for money. CSSA membership means that an organisation has been independently vetted and is required to adhere to its Code of Practice. Set up by the leading companies in the industry to monitor standards and ensure proper representation, the CSSA exists for the mutual benefit of the industry and its customers.

The CSSA is a leading force in the drive for professionalism and excellence through training and development. We work closely with the industry's training organisations.

General Objectives

The aims of the CSSA have been carefully formulated to benefit both the industry and its members' customers. As such it seeks:

  • To enlarge the market for contract cleaning and support services and advance its members' interests by impressing customers with the integrity and credibility of its member companies


  • To promote sector professionalism and excellence through superior training and development


  • To strengthen the competitiveness and profitability of its members by providing professional and management expertise


  • To speak for the industry and safeguard its interests with EU, Government and other professional bodies


  • To assist its members to recognise market place trends in order to meet their customers' needs more closely


  • To provide advice on UK and European legislation, labour relations and other appropriate subjects


  • To offer safeguards to customers, including a free and impartial conciliation and arbitration service in the event of a dispute arising with a member company.